Hello, Anastasiya and Yegor here !

We're a couple of twenty something year-olds who love the good things in life; sleeping in on the weekends, our family and friends, cuddles in the rain, cuddles without rain, anything and everything outdoorsy, meeting new people, photography and prints, Trader Joe's mint chocolate ice cream, captivating books and movies, moms cooking, rad Spotify playlists, and sunsets in new cities.

We met in 2013, became the greatest friends and married in May of 2016. We shared a dream of traveling and seeing the world, so here we are with our one-way tickets trying to make it happen. So far its been a year of full time travel, and we are loving it.

You're probably wondering why we chose "whyyes"? Good question. It stands for our initials. Y and S. Yegor and Stacy (Anastasiya- shortened during HS and stuck).  It came about several summers ago while we carved our initials in the rain into a sand wall at our favorite beach in California. Ever since it has always stuck with us and even into this new journey. why yes, travel !!

We thought we'd start a platform where we can share our latest adventures from around the globe with our friends and family, it beats repeating the same story a million times, right?

Hope you enjoy our content and maybe get inspired to go travel as well. Feel free to leave a comment and follow us on social media.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting our little corner of the internet.

Stay golden and God bless.

- Y + A

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photos by our sweet friend Evgenia Baranova @skripkinna.

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